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Inside Out Recovery

Inside Out Recovery is a nonprofit agency providing
northern New Mexico with many services to the community. Our core support to the community is a focus on opiate addiction and recovery, although we offer services to all people, including the elderly who
may not be experiencing substance abuse issues.

These and many other services are provided
by Inside Out, all FREE OF CHARGE!

Welcome to the INSIDE OUT RECOVERY website! We are an independent group of peers who assist individuals and families reaching toward recovery. We are not affiliated with any church nor agency, however, we collaborate with our community and encourage recovery through personal exploration and choices. We realize that recovery is an individual decision and honor each individual’s path.

INSIDE OUT RECOVERY incorporates the “Eight Dimensions of Wellness” as recommended by the Substance Abuse/Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) into service provision. These include Emotional, Physical, Financial, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, Occupational and Environmental. Research has shown that people who suffer from substance abuse issues and/or mental health issues die 10 years earlier than the general population. Please visit the various tabs on our website and join us in the recovery journey! INSIDE OUT RECOVERY operates through grants and donations. We offer a myriad of services and support to the community free of charge. Walk-ins are always welcome and we have a kid’s corner for children while parents access service! Join us – as a community we can create CHANGE!

In our community, we face an epidemic of generational drug addiction. Drug addiction takes an enormous toll, not only within the lives of the families that are fragmented, due to incarceration and death, but also in the health of the community as a whole.

This dilemma is not going to go away through quick solutions and handouts.  Our community can change when hope can be infused through community members modeling recovery and success.  At INSIDE OUT RECOVERY, we offer hope and encouragement with understanding.  Generally, people are not looking for hand-outs; rather, a way out of the situations that they have encountered.  We support personal choice and empowerment – whether that be through medically assisted treatment or total abstinence.

We believe that through positive modeling, open dialogue, non-judgmental service and programs that teach self-sufficiency, our community can create change.  Daily, we encounter those who have stories that are heartbreaking.  It is perhaps hard to understand how people can be in these situations and blame is common toward this population.  It is our goal to share the dynamics of the world of those that we serve in order to create open dialogue within the community as to how we can create change. Recovery support and tools for change are at the core of all of our services.

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We envision a community where ALL can share and have value 


We believe that all lives have meaning and offer peer support through our own experiences to individuals and families reaching toward recovery. As a community, we can create change…


  • Love everyone, feed everyone – nutrition is essential for good choices
  • Peers assist each other
  • Fall down, stand up, keep trying
  • When one suffers, all suffer
  • People know intuitively what they need
  • Recovery is a personal experience and it must be shared
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