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Inside Out Recovery offers a wide range of services, please give us a call at 505-367-3500 if you have any questions, or believe you or someone you know could benefit from our services. All Services are FREE OF CHARGE!

Services are available in English and Spanish.

Inside Out Recovery is located at:

908 N. Riverside Drive, #6 Espanola, NM 87532

Hours: 9:30am-5:00pm


Phone: 505-367-3500

877-703-1270 (toll free)

fax: 505-367-3503

Community Services Offered By Inside Out Recovery

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Peer support is the foundation of all of the programs that are offered at INSIDE OUT RECOVERY. Trained and Certified Peer Support Workers (CPSW) interact with all consumers that utilize our services. Peer support is offered with no judgment by people with lived experience who are in recovery and can relate to life with addiction.

Peer support is a critical component in the recovery process. Peers have walked the long road and found peace and comfort in who they are without drugs and alcohol. A key part of recovery is sharing the possibility of being clean with others who are struggling. This sharing offers hope and is done with compassion.

Often, when people are in early recovery, they begin to struggle with issues that have been unresolved for many years. This period is critical and through the assistance of others, many are able to stay in recovery and move forward.

Peer support is recognized by the Substance Abuse/Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as an evidenced based practice.

Peer support does not negate traditional services offered by psychiatrists, psychologists or medical personnel, but rather compliments these services. Peer support focuses on the positive aspects of an individual’s life, discovering goals and strengths to achieve these goals. Referrals are made throughout the community to assist in this process. Choice and empowerment are key concepts in the delivery of peer support. Improved outcomes with other community services are notable as people become stronger in their self-direction and personal goal setting.

Reference: “What Are Peer Support Recovery Services?” SAMHSA, 2009

  • Seeking Safety 
  • Life Skills group
  • Acupuncture
  • Conflict Resolution group
  • NARCAN training & distribution
  • Weekly Homeless Street Outreach

Tuesdays at noon.. This is a service offered free of charge by Lara Theragood, D.O.M.. This is a detox technique that assists with removing cravings. If you are new or in recovery this may be a good service for you.  Many elderly clients appreciate acupuncture to relieve pain.

INSIDE OUT RECOVERY accepts community donations of clean clothing, household items, toys, etc. to offer free of charge to peers who are getting on their feet. We also collaborate with the Food Depot to offer food boxes. We gladly accept donations Monday through Thursday from 12:00 p.m.-4:30p.m. at the center in Española.

INSIDE OUT RECOVERY is dedicated to assist individuals in their quest for obtaining employment. We also assist with resume writing and job search. INSIDE OUT also sponsors individuals from New Mexico Works and the HELP NM office with employment opportunities and training

INSIDE OUT RECOVERY offers assistance in getting you or a loved one into a detox or rehabilitation center. We are available to make calls, help facilitate entry into a program and when available provide transportation services within New Mexico.

INSIDE OUT RECOVERY offers a safe place for your children while you are here utilizing our services. Inside Out is not a day care center,  but we believe that your child can benefit from your recovery and we want to help. We offer a play area and our helpful and friendly staff will gladly assist you in watching your young ones while you are accessing our services.

Breakfast and hot nutritious lunches served each day. 

We also offer: Food Boxes, Hygiene Kits and clothing, extreme weather sleeping bags for homeless and back packs with hand warmers, beanies and gloves. 

Does Our Community Need These Services?

The problems associated with opiate addiction are myriad. Hepatitis C, MRSA and incarceration are only a few. These issues affect entire communities and the issues are becoming more pronounced as addiction rates continue to rise. INSIDE OUT RECOVERY is dedicated to serving those who have addiction issues as well as those who are released from incarceration. These populations are particularly in need of peer support and case management to assist with life issues which include acquiring copies of paperwork and identification, transportation to a rehab or detox, referral appointments for medically assisted treatment and peer support to assist with maintenance of newfound recovery

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